A Guide to International Moot Court Competition

With this guide, Universitas Gadjah Mada’s Community of International Moot Court gives you a glimpse into the world of international legal advocacy. The book comprehensively covers the critical aspects of what one would encounter when joining international moot court competitions, and provides insight to questions such as “What do I need to prepare to be selected into a moot court team?” and “What can I expect when I present my arguments before the bench of judges?”

Authored and edited by the community’s strong network of highly-esteemed and experienced alumni, this guidebook will give you a closer look at international moot court competitions, its workings, and the benefits you can reap with your participation. This includes everything from the vast knowledge you will retain, the legal instincts you will sharpen, and the lifelong friendships you will make.

by Community of International Moot Court